ZEF Development

We Code by Heart

PHP Programming

Custom PHP development using high end programming practices and standards.


We are creating active datasets and/or API's for accessing web or email based sources.

One step above

Our solutions are highly flexible and configurable so they will fit your needs for a long period.

Let the bot do it

We believe that automation should release you from boring tasks.

Founded on the tons of experience

ZEF Development is a continuation to a successful 15+ years career made in a high tech industry

  • - Excellent http knowledge
  • - We do real OOP
  • - Nothing can pass through and not to be logged
  • - Propper exception handling give us true control over app execution

What do we do lately?

We were very lucky to be involved in a projects which are requiring latest technologies. Here are few.

360 Photography

We are having high end requirements on this field, so we had to master it all. Advanced OSC API knowledge, creating HDR photos on our own, making virtual tours, 360 photo tiles ...

Voice Assistants

Have you met Alexa yet? Our way of implementing voice services is simply unbeatable. GUI, cross-platform, extensible, ...


Natural Language Processing allows us to better underestend various text messages and to automate responses.


Nowadays, you simply can not ignore search engine opimization.

ZEF Development is supported by EU

ZEF Development is working on a project Convoworks which is co-financed by the European union.
Convoworks is a new product for rapid voice assistant and chatbot development. Convoworks services are defined through GUI, it works cross-platform and is highly extensible.

Project worth: 1.960.168 HRK
Amount financed by EU: 1.356.589 HRK
Project duration: 1.10.2019 - 1.4.2021

Europska unija
Zajedno do fondova EU


ZEF Development d.o.o.
Trenkova 14
42000 Varaždin, Croatia


info at zef.dev

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ZEF Development d.o.o.
Trenkova 14
42000 Varaždin, Croatia

Registration number: 070140626
OIB: 38262418562
Registered with Varaždin Commercial Court
Share capital of 20.000,00 HRK paid in full
Director: Tihomir Dmitrović
Bank account: Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.,
IBAN: HR64 2484 0081 1076 7556 5